It’s another day at the office and your looking to tackle the list of projects and tasks for the week. On that list is contacting clients, setting up meetings with employees or potential customers, generating marketing ideas, and maybe even to contact a graphic designer for the rebrand or design ideas you have. AGHHH!!!! This is probably the most difficult task on the list I can assume. You have ideas about the direction of where you would like the rebrand or design to go, but communicating this and accomplishing it seem so daunting and quite honestly not up your alley. Well, with the right designer, it doesn’t have to be so scary, daunting or overwhelming. When you work with someone who has a clear and deliberate process laid out for you, the idea of accomplishing a new design should become the easiest thing on your list.

Design is an integral part of everyday business and is something most don’t have to deal with – or want to. When effectively implemented, the design will become an asset that enhances the businesses profitability. To properly achieve this, it is always a good idea to have someone who understands effective design and lay out a simple and achievable process for you. Below are my 3 easy steps to achieve the best design for its ideal purpose.


During this time I like to learn about your design ideas and what it is you think you are in need of. I start by asking questions like: Who are you trying to appeal to? What are you looking to accomplish with this design? Why are you trying this method? How is this going to help your business? When would you like to have this completed by? All of these questions enable me to learn more about your business and what you wish to accomplish with your design. Whether it is a new brand identity, updating an existing brand, creating collaborative brand designs for in-house or public, having an understanding will eliminate any additional work from you throughout the design process. My job is to make your job easier by taking your concept and transform it into reality.


In this process, I take the information you have supplied me with and begin to work through ideas of how to accomplish your idyllic design to achieve the highest results. There will be many creations but only one for you to review. Having one eliminates possibilities of overwhelm and confusion for you as the client. There will be a review process and final revisions within this phase. Often times this phase can take 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the design project.


Woohoo!!! You made it to the best part – FINALÉ!!! You have been patiently waiting to reveal your idea to the world and now it is time to celebrate. Once the design is complete I will supply you with all of the agreed upon file formats pertaining to your specific design so you may share them across all platforms.

Creating a magical design piece with me is really as easy as 1, 2, 3. You came to me to create your vision, so that you could work on your everyday business check list. I am here to take the worry off of your plate and allow you to accomplish your tasks – so what can we get started on today?!?!?!